The goal of the Atlanpole Biotherapies cluster is to become an international benchmark in the development of diagnostic and therapeutic solutions in the biotherapy field

A growing, innovation-focused environment 

Atlanpole Biotherapies is clearly one of the most attractive and dynamic places for biotherapy development.
The biotherapeutic value chain 

Atlanpole Biotherapies gives you access to extended skills, from biodiagnostics to biomedicine. For pharmaceutical and biotech companies or research laboratories looking for high-level partners devoted to healthcare and biotech, Atlanpole Biotherapies is a biocluster that draws together a network of innovative companies, fundamental & clinical research organizations and higher education institutions. It offers comprehensive, competitive solutions along the entire biotherapeutic value chain (from discovery to the patient) within 4 areas of excellence: immunobiotherapies, radiopharmaceuticals, regenerative medicine and Innovative technologies for biotherapies


Activities along the entire value chain - drug discovery
Several cluster companies and research labs are working to develop new drugs or new diagnostic tools and provide patients and the market with new kinds of treatment - especially those based on personalized medicine. 

Bioproduction tools, adapted to each stage of biotherapies development, are already in place. Thus some platforms deal with the production of small batches to achieve the proof-of-concept of new therapies, necessary before the administration to patients, while other structures are responsible for their production, in accordance with the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). The therapeutic products can be of various kinds, ranging from vaccines and labile blood products to recombinant proteins /antibodies, and also cell and gene therapies. ARRONAX, the high energy cyclotron, allows the production of radio elements; this skill combined with the presence of specialists in coupling radioisotope / biomolecule enhances the ability to produce a new generation of antibodies, complying with the regulatory standards of the pharmaceutical industry.This diversity of skills for the production of innovative therapies has led to the emergence of the BIOPRACTIS institute, offering a service of training, made by and meant for these industries, with the aim of improving the quality of health products from their R&D step up to their production, based on GMP. 

Vector development and drug targeting
The Atlanpole Biotherapies cluster comprises a set of unique skills in bioformulation for the delivery of DNA, siRNA, proteins and small molecules. This includes not only biomolecule targeting and delivery activities but also cutting-edge academic expertise (especially in the Particulate Vector Engineering Unit). 

The biomanufacturing sector is organized as a cross-sector, full-service solution from cloning to cGMP production in the fields of cell & gene therapy, recombinant proteins, viral vaccines and monoclonal antibodies. The high-energy cyclotron Arronax adds the ability to produce radiopharmaceuticals. Leading cluster stakeholders provide industrial-scale services in compliance with pharmaceutical regulatory standards. 

Preclinical & clinical trials
The Nantes Veterinary School (Oniris) offers a preclinical biomedical testing service, which notably includes an imaging facility and a study centre for large-scale experiments (with up to biosafety level 3 containment). This installation has already enabled validation of the efficacy of gene therapy protocols under strictly monitored conditions.
Transfer into the clinic is then facilitated by the new Biotherapies Clinical Investigation Center, which offers regulatory & logistics support for more than 130 research programs and has a dedicated gene therapy zone.  

The CIMNA dedicated immunomonitoring platform offers comprehensive expertise and an integrated solution with several units: cytomics, transcriptomics, biostatistics, clinical operations, bioinformatics and Q-PCR.
Several groups are also successfully working to identify new biomarkers: in 2010, it was shown that the “Arhgef1” protein is involved in hypertension. 


A rapidly expanding environment of innovation

Atlanpole Biotherapies stands out as one of the most attractive and dynamic sites for the development of biotherapies. 

  • creation of 4 biotech start-ups every year.
  • a dynamic network of more than 92 companies.
  • 5 universities (Nantes, Angers, Tours, Poitiers, Rennes)
  • ARRONAX, cyclotron high energy, the only center in Europe
  • Oniris, higher education center in veterinary and agro-food fields
  • INSERM western France
  • 5 institutes combining basic and clinical research in the fields of transplantation, cancer, cardiovascular and gastro-intestinal diseases and respiratory health.
  • construction of a new biotech building in 2015 and of a new University Hospital Center, set to open before 2020.