Innovative Technologies for Biotherapies

The opening of an "Innovative Technologies for biotherapy" focus, transverse to Atlanpole Biotherapies 3 strategic focuses (Immunobiotherapies, Regenerative Medicine, Radiopharmaceuticals) is based on: 

  • A growing demand for getting the “cluster label” for projects at the health interface with other disciplines (ICT-health, electronic-health, nanotechnology-health ...),
  • the necessity to strengthen and diversify the interactions with partner clusters (Images & Réseaux, EMC2),
  • partnership development with the Region of Brittany in particular in health and ICT fields,
  • the necessity to take into account the development of supporting technologies for biotherapies.


This focus brings together players developing medical equipment and devices to enhance biotherapies. 


For example, many projects are being developed at the interface of ICT and health:  

  • Sensors: for the physiological parameters detection (diagnosis and preclinical and clinical trials) to control the production environment...
  • Implantable devices: pacemakers, devices for the controlled release of drugs...
  • Imaging, teleradiography, patient data sharing between multiple sites
  • Telemedicine, e-health: home care, remote patient monitoring
  • Traceability solutions: for monitoring and securing the drug manufacturing process
  • Software solutions, database management from high-speed studies...


Other breakthrough innovations are also to expect from R & D projects at the interface of materials and health. For example, the development of intelligent nanomaterials for osteo-articular repair biomaterials. See companies such as Axelife (medical devices), Keosys (imaging and telemedicine), Awel International, Noroit, Thermo scientific (OEM).