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The radio immunotherapy has given promising results during clinical trials focussing on types of cancers which are radiosensitive or resilient to other therapeutic modalities. The work done on that subject by the team of Françoise Kraeber-Bodéré from the Department of Nuclear Medecine in Nantes was awarded a “Victoire de la Médecine” in 2009. At the moment, monoclonal antibodies with radiopharmaceuticals, notably for the treatment of prostate cancer, are in the process of being developed on an industrial scale.  


In the Pays de la Loire Region, the Atlanpole Biotherapies competitive cluster supports the structuring of a nuclear center for health and of an industrial radiopharmaceutical sector, called Isotop-4-Life, around the Cyclotron Arronax, which is dedicated to research and production of innovative radionuclides. Thus, all the sector players (laboratories and research centers, clinicians, enterprises) are mobilized to :  

  • undertake and value a high level research work in nuclear imaging, molecular radiotherapy and radiobiology,
  • offer a mutual service proposal in nuclear imaging through the HUB « Whole Body Imaging » open, among others, to big pharmaceutical groups,
  • develop collaborative projects on a national scale with the aim of developing therapies.


The combined dynamism of this group has been recently rewarded and reinforced by financial support for the project QUANTICARDI (FUI) and for 2 projects in the scope of the program for prospective investments (EQUIPEX ArronaxPlus, LABEX IRON).  

Contact Jean-François Gestin

Jean-François Gestin

Vice President of Atlanpole Biotherapies cluster, responsible for the radiopharmaceutical industry (Isotop 4 Life). 


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