Regenerative Medecine

Historically positioned on the immuno-transplantation, Atlanpole Biotherapies cluster players have diversified their strengths in the field of regenerative medicine over the past 20 years. Thus, technologies portfolio in the field concerns both biomaterials and cell and gene therapies. Medical applications are as wide with particularly orthopedics, dermatology, rare genetic diseases, oncology or neurology.


Based on a translational medicine approach, the development of these advanced therapy products is extremely dynamic. This is enabled thanks to the support of high scientific and industrial skills in immunology, vectorization or biological products quality control; these skills contribute to study the drug candidate safety and efficacy. This drug candidate can then be tested in preclinical (Oniris) and clinical stages with clinical batches biomanufacturing tools available on the territory (UTCG, ABG) and hospital infrastructure such as CIC Biotherapies (CHU Nantes). 


The cluster regenerative medicine field players have a strong ambition, as shown by the numerous clinical trials in progress, the five start’up creation and several SMEs exporting their products (eg Biomatlante) or services (eg Clean Cells, Atlantic Bone Screen). 


This ambition crystallizes today “investments for the future” around several key projects (eg CESTI IHU), the creation of a dedicated translational research federation or the players’ involvement in major European programs such as TERM (Tissue Engineering & Regenerative Medicine) or Biomat'in. 

The vice president for Regenerative Medecine is : 


Olivier BOISTEAU, Chairman of Clean Cells