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An update on the TERM Project


TERM is a European Union-funded project coordinated by Atlanpole Biotherapies. It brings together 13 European partners in the field of regenerative medicine and tissue engineering. The project aims to promote transnational collaborations between competitiveness clusters and regional authorities, reinforce the exchange of good practice throughout the innovation chain, develop interregional R&D and training programs and identify the most appropriate financial instruments for these activities.


Last September, a TERM project workshop took place during the 10th edition of the Scanbalt Forum. Four speakers from the TERM network highlighted the main issues related to the development of regenerative medicine, in terms of research, clinical applications, industrialization and education. The presentation by Christophe Iochem from the company Clean Cells (entitled “Going from lab scale to industrial scale”) very well illustrated the need for collaboration in this emerging field - a key success factor that appeared in all the presentations. 


Project news can now be viewed online at  

Contact : Agnès Kammoun (Project Coordinator, Atlanpole)