picto-techno-inno-800“Innovative technologies for biotherapies” constitute a real toolbox (biomarkers, vectors, medical devices, instrumentation, experimental models, processes, software solutions …) to use alongside therapeutic innovation, in the framework of the 3 Strategic Action Areas (DAS) of the cluster (Immunobiotherapy, Radiopharmaceuticals, restorative and regenerative medicine).

 This transversal thematic focus brings together many companies and research organizations around Interface strategic projects (IRT B Com, LABEX CominLabs, LABEX Lebegue, Symmetric, Vectoris) and particularly involves professionals from Brittany and Loire areas.

The opening of this project was driven by the expansion of research on biomarkers for personalized medicine and a growing demand from the cluster’s endorsement for projects which connect health and other sectors (ICT, electronics, materials, nutrition, seafood, Human and Social Sciences …). This initiative is justified today by the need to develop new industrial sectors through the combining of the specialties of the Pays de Loire, Brittany and Centre-Val de Loire regions. It will also strengthen the links with clusters at the interregional level. Thus, the rapprochement with Britain will enable the development of projects at ICT/health interface in connection with the Media & Networks cluster and health/sea products with the Pôle Mer Bretagne Atlantique cluster. At the same time, interactions with the Centre-Val de Loire region will focus on the use of polymers for biomedical use in connection with Elastopole cluster. In Pays de la Loire region, the partnership with EMC2 based on biomaterials and electronic components for health, will be strengthened. In addition, innovative projects in health and nutrition will be developed with Valorial cluster. Finally, the involvement of Human and Social Sciences in the innovation projects will facilitate societal acceptance and adoption of the therapies of tomorrow (vectorized radiotherapy, cell therapy, gene therapy) that are at the heart of the cluster’s strategy in support of research and innovation.

Focus on SyMéTRIC project

SyMeTRIC is a regional project grouping professionals involved in systemic medicine. It focuses on the use of science and digital technologies in order to integrate different sources of biomedical information, with the aim of building and validating models and pathology markers for anticipating and improving patient support and monitoring (diagnosis, prediction of therapeutic response, prognosis). Supported by the Pays de la Loire Region and led by Richard Redon (Thorax3 Institute) and Jérémie Bourdon (Nantes Computer Science Laboratory -LINA), SyMeTRIC involves research and care teams of the West Cancer Institute (ICO), Nantes University, Angers University, Nantes University Hospital and Angers University Hospital. In the short term, it aims to demonstrate the complementary nature of the work undertaken by different regional professionals, (researchers in biology and computer science, clinicians, industrialists) to provide effective and collaborative solutions of omics data analysis on a large scale, as well as biomedical data integration and sharing results. In the longer term, SyMeTRIC aims at the structuring of regional skills and capacities in the service of systemic medicine development on different disease patterns e.g. oncology, transplant, cardiovascular and chronic respiratory diseases. Beyond health, this project will enable the development of close collaborations in data sciences and mathematics: biological processes modeling, learning and data mining, artificial intelligence (knowledge representation, reasoning), distributed systems and cloud computing (usage, security, energy efficiency, scaling).