Technologies innovantes pour les biothérapies

GenEvolutioN®, a NEW expert company, is dedicated to In vitro and Genetic Toxicology services where new Human and animal Cells models (Stem cells, iPS) will be proposed.
The originality of GenEvolutioN® is to enhance the interactions between PreClinical and Clinical areas, according to clients challenges.
GenEvolutioN® platform will combine Innovative Techniques with Scientific Insights.
The strength of GenEvolutioN® company is based on flexible and strong-skilled people with large expertise in R&D services.
In vitro & Innovative Services: anticipate tomorrow’s challenges !
GenEvolutioN® connects various techniques according to industrial and clinical requirements, fitting to client strategy.
GenEvolutioN® is the result of many years of Research and aims to improve health of patients exposed to toxic agents, as well as to develop further personalized medical treatments.

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