Médecine Régénérative

Lakkane sas is an innovative start-up in the field of Health, Silver Economy and rehabilitation circuit for people requiring medical aids for walking.
The idea of the concept sprouted in the mind of the leader 3 years ago (120 prototypes), the LAKKANE company was created in early 2018.Its founder,
Marc Noël, has invented and patented accessories, compatible with all the crutches and canes of the market.The LAKKANE devices make it possible to secure the person on a daily basis, to prevent falls, helping to prevent musculoskeletal disorders, in order to make it more autonomous in its mobility
LAKKANE solutions are available for all its customers, social landlords, real estate developers, hotels, banking networks, companies, the elderly and the disabled.

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Address: 10 rue des troènes
Bâtiment Cap Santé
44600 Saint-Nazaire