Our mission is to improve the diagnosis, to monitor the efficacy of the molecule and, ultimately, the treatment of diseases of the central nervous system (CNS) in clinical trials.
As such, NeuroKyma offers innovative digital and technological solutions for neuroimaging that give an objective measurement in these trials.

To understand the basic mechanisms of brain networks, one promising idea is to simplify the complexity by examining the communications between regions of the brain and how these develop or deteriorate under the influence of disease.

The NeuroKyma solution therefore appears to be the suitable solution for CRO’s and Pharmaceutical Industry in clinical trials on these pathologies.
Therefore, the company is providing a new generation of neuroimaging markers to improve the diagnosis and ultimately the treatment of diseases of the central nervous system.

These markers are calculated from Dense Electroencephalographic (EEG-HR) recordings.

This represents a technological breakthrough compared to other neuroimaging techniques.

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