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Synsight aims to make Drug Discovery faster, cheaper and smarter! Through our state-of- the-art Computer-Aided Drug Discovery (CADD) platform, we identify, study and optimize new small-molecule and biologic drugs, both alone, and in R&D partnerships.
Synsight’s CADD platform encompasses Virtual Screening (Target or Hit Identification); Hits-to-Leads & Lead Optimization; Predictive ADME-Tox; and Drug Repositioning. We use ligand-based and structure-based in-silico approaches complemented by wet chemistry and wet biology, which are outsourced to CROs and/or handled by partners.
Founded by Cyril Bauvais and Guillaume Bollot in 2013 as a CADD services company, Synsight has recently transformed into an Early-Stage Drug Discovery company with its own internal pipeline of small-molecule candidates in RNA Splicing, Immuno-Oncology and other therapeutic areas.

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