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Global Cluster Biomarker : Online directory is launched !

BIO in San Diego saw the launch of the biomarker directory, both in print and online, with over 200 profiles from companies and research groups from 40 clusters in 19 countries world-wide. Well done to all clusters that took part and worked hard to bring their communities into the directory.

Launch of the GenoCellEdit Platform


GenoCellEdit aims at promoting a tailored editing of cells’ genome, especially with the CRISPR system (Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeat)/Cas9, during which a specific nuclease is guided by a small RNA, called sgRNA. Having appeared in 2012, this molecular tool, by its simple design, has democratized the targeted approaches by genome modification. Because the project is not just the simple sgRNA design, GenoCellEdit platform provides a complete solution, from consulting in the design of the project to vectorization of the tool, and includes technical training.

Keosys announces the opening of its new office in Philadelphia, United States


After the opening of its office in Singapore, Keosys heads for the United States by opening an office in Philadelphia. Specializing in clinical routine and clinical trials and located on three continents (Europe, North America & Asia), the Nantes SME holds a leading international position in the field of medical imaging. Keosys, administrator of the cluster, is involved in Quanticardi and TheraneaM projects, both working within Atlanpole Biotherapies and is also involved in Isotop4Life in the radiopharmaceutical industry.

A Decade of Health Research in Nantes: the Thorax Institute celebrates its 10th anniversary

This year, the Thorax Institute celebrates its 10th anniversary. Led by Professor Hervé Le Marec, the Thorax Institute specializes in the research and care of cardiovascular, respiratory and metabolic diseases. It currently contributes to Nantes’ position as a stronghold of health research at national and international level. The Thorax Institute is a member of Atlanpole Biotherapies.

Bio Business Week : "4 days combining concrete exercises on their research and expert coaching"

From 10 to 13 June, a dozen foreign students, selected on the basis of their motivation to put a value on their research, took part in an accelerated training in Nantes. They were led by professionals, to be enabled to create their start-up business. This multicultural group (from England, Eastern Europe, Sweden, China ...) working in the field of biotechnology, studied the themes of intellectual property, finance and funding sources, and finally produced a trial presentation.

Walloon companies come to meet the Nantes cluster

9 Walloon companies and 19 companies from the Loire area met in Nantes at the beginning of June, under the impetus of Atlanpole Biotherapies and BioWin Walloon clusters, and supported by the Enterprise Europe Network. The objective of this mission was to draw partnerships between these 28 participants from the health area. After a presentation of European H2020 funding programs and participants, these professionals were able to visit either: Atlantic Bone Screen company, ARRONAX Cyclotron or Atlantic Bio GMP.

9 M € for THERANEAM, project for the development of an innovative method for the treatment of cancer

Advanced Accelerator Applications

TheraneaM, a collaborative research project of 20 million euros, certified by Atlanpole Biotherapies, has been selected to receive a 9 million euros ISI (Strategic Industrial Innovation) grant from Bpifrance to develop and bring to market an innovative micro brachytherapy technique.

DIAFIR company completes a 270 k € fundraising

DIAFIR, a young innovative company based in Rennes, member of Atlanpole Biotherapies, has raised € 270 k with the aim of developping a fabrication method of biosensors for rapid infrared spectroscopy analysis.

A new member: Dentaurum Ceramics, research and ceramic manufacturing center

Dentaurum Ceramics is the ceramic research and manufacturing center of the Group Dentaurum GmbH and Co.KG, one of the European leaders in orthodontics and dentures. Established since 1994, in France near Angers, Dentaurum Ceramics develops and produces the Dentaurum group’s entire range of dental ceramics.

Cédric Le May was awarded the Daniel Steinberg prize of the best scientific publication

Crédits photo : Presse Océan - Olivier Lanrivain

Researcher at the thorax Institute, Cédric Le May was awarded the Daniel Steinberg prize of the best 2013 scientific publication.

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September 22 and 23: Final conference of CIMATH2 research program

CIMATH2 program is a regional Research consortium, winner of the 2010 call for projects in the Pays de la Loire Region: "Development of structured thematic research" and orchestrated by 15 teams from 11 chemistry and biology laboratories.

December 2-3: The SIMV organizes the first R&D dating for Animal Health and Innovation in Lille (Grand Palais)

The French association of animal health industry (SIMV) organizes the first R&D dating for animal health and innovation on December 2nd and 3rd 2014 in Lille, hosted within BioFIT. These meetings aim to initiate high-level exchanges between teams from private and public research and biotechnology companies, in veterinary and human medicine in France and Europe. These meetings are organized in partnership with the Animal Health Carnot Institute, Eurasanté, Medicen Paris Region, the French Alliance for Research and Innovation in health industries and the Companies for Accelerating the Technology Transfer1. Many other organizations provide support, Atlanpole Biotherapies is one of them.

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The Atlanpole Biotherapies competitive cluster combines the expertise of laboratories, companies and technical departments for a public-private offer of services, comprehensive, relevant and competitive, in the value chain of bio-medicine from target discovery to clinical evaluation


Our ambition is to become a reference center on an international scale for the development of diagnostic and therapeutic solutions in the field of biotherapies.
Atlanpole Biotherapies is a competitive cluster certified by the Ministry of Industry (July 2005). 

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