Do you have an innovative project in the biotherapy sector?

Are you looking for complementary skills to add to your project?

Need advice on setting up a project?


Atlanpole Biotherapies team is here to help you set up, manage and monitor your collaborative project : 

  • feasibility studies and market surveys.
  • identification of potential industrial and/or academic partners.
  • provision of access to strategic reports.
  • identification of sources of public funding.
  • assistance with contacting funding bodies.
  • help with drafting a business plan.
  • cluster accreditation studies.
  • project kick-off support.
  • networking with innovation-focused stakeholders from the academic, industrial and institutional sectors.
  • assistance with international business development.

Contacts : 

- For collaborative R&D projects: Benoît-Jules Youbicier Simo