Biomat-IN gathers 5 European clusters willing to pool their resources in order to foster innovation in the field of biomaterials through transnational cooperation: Eurasanté and Atlanpole Biotherapies in France, Bioregio Stern in Germany, MedilinkEM in the UK and LIOF in the Netherlands.


Objectives : 

  • Provide SMEs from the partners regions with key information on European market. The project will provide a transnational Biomaterial Industry mapping as well as different on-line toolkits to facilitate access to market, regulatory and financial information.
  • Stimulate and facilitate transnational collaborations between all Biomaterial industry players. The project will aim at broadening the competence networks of biomaterials SMEs linking them with technologies, facilities and know-how providers from NWE through the establishment of a Technology Marketplace, the organisation of several B-to-B events and focus groups…
  • Establish a long-lasting support framework in order to assist SMEs in the implementation of their transnational R&D project ideas. “Call for vouchers” will be organized providing project managers with the assistance they need to assess the feasibility of their transnational R&D project idea at an early stage.

Contact information : Benoît-Jules Youbicier-Simo