TERM consortium

Eight European regions form a consortium to develop Europe’s competitive edge in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine

Under the guidance of Atlanpole Biotherapies, The consortium is finalizing a joint action plan to implement this common strategy. These actions will notably consist of : 

  • Launching a call for Interregional Research projects (Wallonia / Pays de la Loire Region)
  • Organizing a European workshop dedicated to research infrastructures to facilitate the sharing of good practices and international cooperation
  • Developing a portal dedicated to regenerative medicine, which will be both a source of information (funding, events, regulation, ...) but also a tool for organizing the network of professionals involved in this area
  • Developing training programs in regenerative medicine but also in innovation and entrepreneurship, as it applies to this area
  • Developing a European program to support innovation
  • Identifying the best suited financial instruments to support the development of regenerative medicine in the medium term.


Events diary 2011:

  • March 16th and 17th in Milan : consortium meeting – to develop methodology for the identification of territorial competences and the drawing up of regional research agendas
  • April 13th and 14th in Madrid : General Assembly of the project-organization of the first regional meeting to consider the organization of a call for interregional projects on the theme.
  • May 10th, in Nantes - Regional Workshop in the presence of the main teams of the Loire area of Regenerative Medicine – To draw up the research agenda in the Pays de la Loire region
  • June 6th to 8th in Nantes - TERM project presentation at the 10th Congress of the French Society of Cell and Gene Therapy
  • September 21st to 24th : ScanBalt Forum - as part of a workshop organized by the consortium, there will be a presentation by the company Clean Cells of the challenges of developing regenerative medicine as an industrialized process
  • October 26th to 28th in Berlin: General Assembly of the Project

Provisional Events diary 2012 :

  • February 28th in Nantes – brief meeting between the Loire area regenerative medicine actors on the progress of TERM
  • March 8th in London - Meeting with the scientific committee of the project : presentation of the vision document and the European research agenda.
  • May 10th and 11th in Oslo - General Assembly of the project
  • June: launch of the call for inter-regional projects by the Walloon and Pays de la Loire regions
  • September 12th and 13th in Gothenburg - TERM Seminars dedicated to training and ethics
  • October in Nantes - European Workshop dedicated to research infrastructures
  • December in Berlin - European event among groups to bring together the public and private research.

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Contact :

Responsable Atlanpole Blue Cluster

Agnès Kammoun, Coordinator of TERM 

TERM website
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