Training in bioproduction.

The Atlanpole Biotherapies competitive cluster members are strongly committed to providing biopharmaceuticals to patients. Therefore the problem of their production is a major topic that was discussed very early in the life of the cluster. The members detected a lack of practical skills to address the production of biomedicine in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), which represents the regulatory framework at national and international levels.
This lack of resources, also detected at the national level by Leem Biotech, and more widely at the Europe level, led to the setting up of a dedicated work group, commissioned to find answers to this new problem. This group, including experts from the bioproduction, quality management and regulatory affairs areas, who are representatives from companies (Vivalis, Clean Cells) or from clinical batches production platforms (UTCG i.e. Unit of Cell and Gene Therapy-Nantes-, ABG i.e. Ataltic Bio GMP – Nantes), and who are supported by professionals in the areas of initial and continuing training (University of Nantes, ISSBA The Higher Institute for Health and Bioproducts-Angers-, the Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Nantes-Saint Nazaire and Angers), has drafted a project for a training center in bioproduction.
This center, now named Biopractis and supported by Oniris in partnership with the University of Nantes and the Atlanpole Biotherapies cluster, has now become a reality with an offer for initial and continuing training, adapted to the learning of behaviors : the only one on French territory.
This center will indeed be able to place students and professionals of the sector in practical conditions within the premises, in which the atmosphere is controlled and which are equipped with industrial pilot type bioproduction equipments. Thus, students will learn and relearn the field practices of dressing, respecting flows, holding a batch file, manipulating elements of the production line up ...
Biopractis will also host seminars for specialists of the targeted areas to allow industrial supervisors to update the knowledge in the technological and regulatory aspects or to exchange good practice and collectively, try to solve newly identified technological challenges.
Biopractis is an important part of the cluster structuring. Indeed, if that facility primarily treats the bioproduction of proteins and antibodies, other types of biopharmaceuticals such as vaccines, cell and gene therapies, i.e. all biological products developed by members of the cluster, can be subject to training sessions. These developments are expected by our members and will also be offered to the community of professionals in the field at a European level.More information on modules and workshop! 


Biopractis website 

Contact : Pierric Chalois, director