The cluster

Officially inaugurated in July 2005, the Atlanpole Biotherapies cluster brings together a community of companies, basic and clinical research facilities, and educational institutions in the West area.

For pharmaceutical and biotech companies or research laboratories looking for high level partners devoted to healthcare and biotechnologies, Atlanpole Biotherapies is a biocluster that draws together a network which offers comprehensive and competitive solutions along the entire biotherapeutic value chain, from discovery to patient, within 4 areas of excellence: immunobiotherapies, radiopharmaceuticals, regenerative medicine and innovative technologies for biotherapies.  


Based on four main areas of excellence: 

  • Immunobiotherapies,
  • Radiopharmaceuticals
  • Regenerative Medicine
  • Innovative technologies for biotherapies

And on transferrable skills such as vectorization, bio-production or pre-clinical and clinical evaluation, Atlanpole Biotherapies is positioned as a leading partner in the health biotechnologies community. 

Atlanpole Biotherapies, a rapidly expanding environment of innovation

Atlanpole Biotherapies stands out as one of the most attractive and dynamic sites for the development of biotherapies. The presence on the area of ARRONAX, high energy cyclotron, the only center in Europe, is very attractive. Five institutes combining basic and clinical research in the fields of transplantation, cancer, cardiovascular and gastrointestinal diseases and respiratory health. With the rate of new biotech start-ups of 4 per year and the increase in the number of researchers over the past 10 years, many building projects have emerged to meet this growth, e.g. the opening of IRT1 in 2009, the construction of a biotech building in 2015 and moving the University Hospital of Nantes in 2020. 

Our network includes: 

  • 73 companies
  • 5 universities: Nantes, Angers, Tours, Poitiers and Rennes
  • 2 University Hospitals in Nantes and Angers, and the participation of Poitiers university hospital
  • 51 research laboratories- 41 technical facilities
  • 3 high school (1 international management school – Audencia, 1 veterinary school – Oniris, and Ismans)
  • Cancer Institute of Western France Nantes/Angers (ICO)
  • 5 institutes associating fundamental and clinic research- in the fields of transplantation, oncology, cardiovascular and gastrointestinal diseases as well as respiratory health