Cluster Team

JF Balducchi

Jean-François Balducchi – Direction  

As Chief Executive of Atlanpole (the Nantes Atlantique area's technology park, company incubator and business innovation centre), Jean-François Balducchi coordinates the resources, skills and services that can be deployed by the Atlanpole Biotherapies cluster's staff. 

Grégory Bauer

Grégory bauer – International collaborations  

Grégory is the prime contact within the cluster team if you want to:
- participate in joint international activities (trade shows, delegations, visits, etc.).
- access data on French and international healthcare markets.
- access general information on the cluster's activities and its members. 

Benoît-Jules Youbicier-simo

Benoît-Jules Youbicier-simo : collaborative research projects 

Benoît-Jules is the prime contact within the cluster team if you want to:
- Vous investir dans un projet collaboratif de R&D
- Trouver des compétences académiques au sein du pôle  

Lynda Bouyssou

Lynda Bouyssou – cluster networking 

Contact Lynda if you want to:
- join the cluster.
- meet foreign delegations.
- participate in cluster events and activities.
- partner with the cluster and organize a local event. 

Cécile Gélin
Cécile Gélin - Support
Cécile is the cornerstone of the cluster's day-to-day operating activities. She will provide you with information and put you in touch with the right person