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BioMAdvanced Diagnostics aims to become a major player in biomarkers diagnostics, in France and internationally, starting with tests of immune reactions allowing a modulation of the treatments of patients who have either received an organ transplant (kidney or lung ) or suffering from Ulcerative Colitis (UC). The use of these diagnostic tests will, on one hand, make it possible to significantly improve the quality of life of patients, and even extend their life expectancy (for example, around 50% of lung transplant recipients have died 5 years after their transplant), and on the other hand, a decrease in the number of risky and expensive examinations (kidney or lung biopsies) necessary today to follow these patients, which will also allow the community to make real savings (cost of these biopsies, prolonged work stoppages, etc.). The tests are based on gene expression measurements by PCR technique combined with an algorithm resulting in a composite score. BioMAdvanced Diagnostics is a spin-off of the CRTI of the University of Nantes.

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