Class III Medical Device Manufacturer – Calcium Phosphates Specialist – Development of Technologies for Medical Applications: Synthetic Bone Substitutes and Tissue Engineering scaffold
Products and services:
Machining implants with specific shapes adapted to prosthesis and osteosynthesis systems – Shapes are developed on demand – Manufacturing of semi-finished and finished sterile products in various shapes and granule sizes – Injection of interference screws for sport surgery. Sold under Biomatlante own brand names or under private brands.
Certification and Approval:
ISO 13485 – FDA – Santé Canada ANVISA – KFDA – ANSM – TGA
Geographic coverage:
Europe, North America, Latin America, Africa, Middle East, Asia and Pacific

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Type of structure:
Address: 5 rue Edouard Belin
Zone Activités Les Quatre Nations
44360 Vigneux De Bretagne