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“The CENTICH is a private, non-profit organization, member of the French mutuality and the VyV group ( It was created on the initiative of the CNSA ( to promote the technologies for autonomy and health in France. We are also European reference site for active and healthy ageing since 2013 through our activities of living lab with e-health projects (MyPrédi, GEReTEC, Certification-D…), E-autonomy (TECHNICOTHEQUE, eCAREHAT…), Smart home, and smart nurses Building (PHILEMON, EHPAD Connecté Angers). CENTICH in its activities as a living lab user centric innovation in autonomy and health have ecosystem, expertise and tools, to accompany as a partner in research consortium to co-create, test, validate with end users in real-life environments.
In collaboration with Mutuality and VyV Group we can support the tested solution to be introduced in the market. We can contribute to the inclusion of solutions, as well as facilitate and supporting the project to focus to boost business in the field of healthcare innovation. ”

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Address: 51 Rue du Vallon
49000 Angers