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Based in Beancouzé (49), Ceva Biovac is a subsidiary of CEVA Santé Animale, 5th laboratory in the world and 1st veterinary laboratory in France.
The objective of CEVA Biovac is to fight against infectious pathologies in livestock farming and to offer an alternative to antibiotics, by developing bacterial antigenous vaccines for verterinarians. Bacterial antigenous vaccines represent a tailored immunotherapy, that is to say vaccines produced from pathogenic strains specifically taken from a farm.
Ceva Biovac has acquired the most efficient pharmaceutical technologies providing optimum safety, and meeting French (BPF – Bonnes pratiques de Fabrication) and international (GMP – Good Manufacturing Practices) standards and regulations.

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Address: 6 rue Olivier de Serres
BP 10061
49071 Beaucouze Cedex