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GlioCure is a preclinical-stage drug-development company specialized in neuro-oncology.
Our aim is to give back hope to patients suffering from glial diseases, particularly for patients with hard-to-treat brain tumors such as gliobastoma (GBM), by developing the most promising anti-brain-tumor product worldwide within 5 years.
To achieve this goal, we have built a compact and complementary team backed by a world-class scientific and medical advisory board gathering all the necessary expertise for translational development to treat such diseases.
Our multi-disciplinary expertise enables us to detect, select and develop molecules of interest into real drug-candidates from discovery to IND/CTA.
Our first product, GC01, is an endogenous peptide with a selective and powerful mechanism of action: GC01 is preferentially taken up by certain tumor cells, where it has selective anti-mitotic activity by binding to βIII-tubulin’s C-term domain. βIII-tubulin is overexpressed in several types of cancers, including almost all CNS tumors, and its expression is known to be a marker of poor clinical prognostic.
We are currently exploring the potential of GC01 to treat several types of cancer which over-express βIII-tubulin.
With respect to GBM, GC01 has, so far, demonstrated:
– Strong activity on human Brain Tumor Initiating Cells (BTIC) that drive resistance to chemo-radiation and recurrence in patients,
– Strong safety profile with no toxicity in healthy tissues and organs in healthy rats,
– Significantly better anti-GBM activity than TMZ, the standard chemotherapy, after just one cycle of i.v. administrations on orthotopic GBM rat model.
To date, all targeted and immuno-therapies have failed to treat GBM either due to the heterogeneity of cell GBM types present per tumor, the inability to effectively tackle GBM stem-cells, or serious side effects. Therefore, in view of the promising efficacy and good safety profile of GC01, we believe that GC01 has the potential to become the future Standard of Care for this disease.
Consequently, GBM is our primary indication for GC01.
Analysts predict that the GBM market will grow from $662 M in 2017 to $1.4 B in 2027, across the eight major pharmaceutical markets (US, urban China, Japan, 5-EU). A novel, truly effective treatment should be able to capture a large part of this market.
GC01 is currently in the final stages of non-regulatory preclinical development for the treatment of Glioblastoma and we are looking for €2 M in equity to develop GC01 up to the IND/CTA, and to identify an industrial partner for the first-in-human studies.

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