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Are you having trouble meeting your deadlines or your budget? Trouble to prioritize your project portfolio? Are you looking to streamline your cross-functional working methods? HC NEXT expertise will help you to better anticipate the many challenges that slow down the progress of your healthcare product development projects.

HC NEXT’s mission is to speed up and derisk drugs and medical devices developments to ensure that each innovation becomes a product to patient’s benefit. HC NEXT consultants are both project management specialists and experts in the field of healthcare product development, working with biotech, medtech and digital health companies.

The company transforms its clients’ strategy into a concrete and specific action plan that will enable each product under development to reach the market. Following an organisational assessment, HC NEXT lays the foundations for cross-functional project management.

With its comprehensive view of development, the company manages and coordinates all the stakeholders in order to break the project down and reach the milestones smoothly. Each phase of development involves the use of specific expertise for a given product: thanks to its network of experts, HC Next takes care of all or part of product development. HC NEXT is the one-stop-shop for development.

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