Disease Prevention

Biotech / Pharma


Through a collaborative and empathic approach, I am guiding you in building your impacting and structuring projects, with both objectives of quality and efficiency.
Being fully dedicated in solving your challenges, we will build together tailored solutions, according to your needs, with a pragmatic and holistic approach. My 360° approach includes overview of processes, teams as well as global context of your company and its environment and history.
My services are particularly adapted to young start-up looking support for quality system implementation, tech transfer lead, complex projects piloting, as well as coaching to manage organizational changes in a fast-growing environment.
I’m giving advices combining strategic assets, facilitation of workshops, coordination of teams, building tailored trainings, creation and deployment of tools, operational coordination and involvement in recruitment as required.
Together, dare the design of your future organization. Together, dare moving up your product closer to patient.

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