A Nanofitins production unit: a project run by Affilogic, winner of the industrial relocation plan

10 December 2020

Affilogic, a company specialising in the discovery and development of Nanofitins® for biotherapeutic applications, is one of the 31 projects selected by the government under the Résilience* call for projects.

This cluster member has secured funding to develop its production capabilities, allowing it to relocate part of its production, currently carried out exclusively in Portugal, by creating a new production unit for Nanofitins (small synthetic proteins used in biopharmaceutical applications).

Based on this positive outlook, the company is planning to relocate its entire production over the next 2 years and to double its Nantes workforce (to 25 employees) within the next 3 years.

“This support allowed us to develop a project launched in early 2020. Presenting regional partners with Affilogic priority development areas well ahead of the call for projects, coordinated by Atlanpole, meant that we were perfectly placed to position the company effectively. This call for projects provides vital leverage as it matches perfectly with our growth strategy.” remarked Olivier KITTEN – Affilogic Founder & CEO.

*designed to encourage the relocation of French industrials. Backed by € 140 M of public funds, these projects represent € 680 M of industrial investments, expected to generate 1,800 jobs.