Atlanpole Biotherapies is enjoying sustained dynamic growth and is committed to addressing the challenges of France’s independence in terms of health

25 September 2020


The competitiveness cluster is experiencing exponential growth, and currently has 210 members. The 2019 target of increasing the number of members (more than 150) has broadly been exceeded, as Atlanpole Biotherapies now has 210 members.

In addition to its active membership policy, the cluster is implementing an ambitious strategy to raise the level of excellence among its members, which involves:

  • the consolidation of strategic partnerships, to bring communities together around the cluster’s main focuses, allow collaborative projects to be developed and national and international events to be organised.
  • the development of financing tools enabling companies to grow: with funds of more than € 150M raised over the past 6 years, the cluster’s companies are attracting increasing numbers of national and international investors. Discussions relating to an investment fund for Western France are currently underway.
  • and increasing the number of research and innovation collaborations, involving the approval of 25 to 30 projects a year and obtaining national and European funding.

The cluster is continuing this development in its 3 key areas of strategic action: Immunotherapy, radiopharmaceuticals and regenerative medicine, and is diversifying into 3 new subject areas: Digital technologies for innovative therapies, nutrition and microbiota, animal health.


The cluster’s maturity in terms of scientific excellence and its critical mass has been evident during the Coronavirus health crisis. In effect, in the field of testing, treatment, vaccines and, more generally, treating patients, a great many of the cluster’s members, representing the health and hospital sector, have been in the spotlight. Beyond their enthusiasm and commitment, their decades of research and scientific excellence have allowed them to respond so rapidly.

The University Hospitals of Rennes, Brest, Angers, Tours and Nantes were on the front line of treating patients and dealing with the shortage of equipment and consumables. They also responded positively in relation to launching clinical trials, the design of respirators, the creation of additional beds, the establishment of public-private partnerships, etc.

As for companies, they demonstrated responsiveness and agility. They quickly took up arms, wasting no time in offering solutions for diagnosing the virus, preventing a deterioration in the overall condition of patients and even researching a vaccine.

“Since the beginning of the year, the entire health sector in Western France has been focussing its efforts on emerging from the Covid-19 crisis. In the field of testing, treatment, vaccines and, more generally, treating patients, a great many of the cluster’s members, representing the health and hospital sector, have been in the spotlight. Their enthusiasm, commitment and responsiveness were broadly evident and reflect the exceptional dynamism of our region. ” highlights Franck Grimaud.


The innovative power of biotechnology companies is pivotal to national and European sovereignty when it comes to health. Supporting these agile and responsive companies and encouraging the production (in particular of biopharmaceuticals) in France is essential in preparing for future crises. As a European excellence cluster, Atlanpole Biotherapies intends to properly fulfil its role as a catalyst for innovation for the benefit of its members in this global drive and the cluster’s stakeholders are well positioned.

“Biological medicines are now vital. Faced with increasing shortages of drug supplies, the production of these innovative biological therapies represents a major challenge. France has genuine know-how in the field of bioproduction, but its capacity is still insufficient and absolutely needs to be supported in order to reach the necessary levels of production to treat our fellow citizens”. Explains Olivier Boisteau, President of Clean Biologics.

In effect, the cluster’s technology roadmap corresponds, in all respects, with European, national and regional strategies in terms of the development of biotechnologies and bioproduction. As a result, the cluster has established an ambitious action plan to increase and further enhance the competitiveness and visibility of its members in France, in Europe and on an international level. To this end, the cluster is consolidating its European and national partnerships, by structuring the Health inter-cluster, as well as its regional partnerships (with Images&Réseaux, Valorial, Nucléopolis and even the technology clusters) and stepping up its interclustering, lobbying and funding programme monitoring activities.



  • 210 members (as at 30/06/20), including 65% in the Pays de la Loire region, 20% in Brittany, 10% in the Centre Val de Loire region and 5% others
  • More than 65,000 jobs, including 6,000 private R&D jobs, which represents more than 25% of jobs nationally in the Biotech-Health sector,
  • 753 projects approved with a total value of more than € 700M since the cluster was established
  • 30 innovative products placed on the market in the health sector since the cluster was established • more than € 150M raised by the cluster’s companies over the course of the past six years
  • 3 publicly traded companies



Atlanpole Biotherapies is an interregional competitiveness cluster, covering the Pays de la Loire, Brittany and Centre Val de Loire regions, certified by the Ministry of Industry (July 2005). Atlanpole Biotherapies brings together the expertise of laboratories, platforms and companies to offer a comprehensive, relevant and competitive public-private solution, within the biopharmaceutical value chain, from identifying targets to clinical evaluation.

The cluster is involved in building the medicine of the future with the following main focuses:

  • Immunotherapy
  • Radiopharmaceuticals
  • Regenerative medicine
  • Digital technology
  • Animal health
  • Clinical nutrition and microbiota