BHealthCare raises € 1.5 M to finalise development of its robotic blood sampling platform, HEIVA™

10 December 2020

BHealthCare, a MedTech specialising in the development of next-generation robotic solutions to provide more reliable peripheral vascular access, has announced that in June 2020 it secured seed funding of 1.5 million euros supported by other, recently obtained, public funds. This supplements several dilutive and non-dilutive funding mechanisms and grants amounting to 2.8 million euros obtained since its establishment. The operation was carried out exclusively with leading biologists and renowned specialists in the medical field.


Since its creation 4 years ago, BHealthCare has raised 4.3 million euros to develop its robotics platform, HEIVA™. In daily contact with leading biologists, the startup is convinced that its robotics solution represents the future of patient care with regard to efficient blood sampling.

With HEIVA™, BHealthCare offers a robotic alternative to the current manual process of taking blood samples. The system is both innovative and perfectly suited to healthcare professionals, providing greater efficacy, comfort and safety for their patients. HEIVA™ improves the entire blood sampling process for the laboratory, its staff and the patients. In practical terms, the solution covers all aspects of patient management involved in blood sampling. It provides unrivalled patient comfort and efficiency of care with a fully automated and safe process from patient arrival to departure including needle insertion and tube collection. “For the first time in the world, our device is performing a medical, robotic and invasive operation in full autonomy with a conscious patient accompanied by a healthcare professional. This is without precedent, even on an international scale! “, added the company’s two founders.

The HEIVA™ robotic platform has already received very promising feedback from biologists involved in the project. The product is seen as a genuine all-in-one quality service for both the patient, the practitioner and the laboratory.


The HEIVA™ platform fits into a rapidly expanding global market, and especially into the current context of providing vital support to medical teams. Against the current background of Covid-19, or any other health crisis of a similar nature, involving a massive increase in the number of patients requiring blood samples, and a pressing need to ensure the safety of nursing staff, such an innovation has never been so timely or relevant. The sampling market represents 25 million blood samples taken each day in the world.

This cutting-edge tool designed for patients and laboratory staff is based on key technologies protected by several families of international patents owned outright by BHealthCare. This technology guarantees the quality of the sample as well as the traceability of the procedure for the laboratory.