BioMAdvanced Diagnostics: agreement with Nantes University Hospital to use anonymized clinical data from 300 kidney transplant patients

1 July 2022

📢 [Key Milestone] BioMAdvanced Diagnostics enters an agreement with Nantes’ University Hospital to analyze anonymized clinical data from 300 kidney transplant data.

📌The agreement enables the Hospital to grant the company samples and clinical data from a continuous prospective multicentric international cohort of 300 kidney transplant patients followed by the university hospitals of Barcelona (Spain), Oslo (Norway) and Nantes (France).

📌Patient recruitment will start in the second half of 2022 and the start of data analysis is planned for mid-2023.
🗺 This is a major step in the company’s development plan which, thanks to this agreement, is ideally placed to confirm its timeline for the development of its kidney transplant subclinical rejection test.

👉This agreement is also a new opportunity for the Nantes University Hospital to demonstrate its commitment to the innovative companies that have emerged from it.

Source: BioMAdvanced Diagnostics