27 March 2019

Clean Cells, a company founded in 2000, as the result of academic research, and an original member of Atlanpole Biotherapies, has acquired the company BE Vaccines. The latter, founded in 2013, currently has 46 employees. It has developed outstanding expertise in terms of bioproduction processes, GMP conditions, cells for cell therapy and viral vectors for various applications, including antiviral and anticancer vaccination.

This acquisition demonstrates that there is very strong momentum in Western France in the field of bio-production and is also in line with the priorities defined by the government for the development of a national programme in this area.

The BE Vaccines bioproduction facility, originally created by Valneva SE (ex-Vivalis) in 2005, was acquired by the Indian Company Biological E. Limited as a French subsidiary in 2013 in order to accelerate the technical development of viral vaccines (Measles, Rubella and Poliomyelitis).

The site is now part of Clean Cells, enhancing the company’s know-how and knowledge of the biopharmaceutical market, particularly as a CDMO. Including technicians, engineers and researchers with specialist knowledge of bioprocesses, this new group entity will continue its activity with a range of services in the field of process development and the manufacture of clinical lots of viral vaccines, oncolytic viruses and other viral vectors.

It will benefit, amongst other things, from the Clean Cells sales force and its collective development strategy, driven by values that greatly improve quality of working life and employee efficiency. Through its innovation and growth project, which focuses heavily on the human dimension, and with active support from ArchiMed, a new majority shareholder since October 2018, Clean Cells will continue to establish its positioning as a specialist in pharmaceutical biosafety, the production of cell and virus banks, bacteriophage therapy, and now, viral production.

This acquisition marks the beginning of a new series of initiatives to support the group’s strategy in the years ahead.

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