InFlectis BioScience: partnership in ophthalmology

13 February 2017

InFlectis BioScience & Laboratoire
de Génétique Médicale de Strasbourg enter into a strategic partnership in ophthalmology


InFlectis BioScience announced the signature of a 3-year research partnership and a license agreement for the development and marketing of a novel pharmacological therapy approach for retinal degeneration in ciliopathies. 

The strategic collaboration will explore the underlying molecular mechanisms involved in the etiology of a group of selected rare retinal diseases, and will evaluate InFlectis BioScience’s drug candidates in the pharmacological approach of Laboratoire de Génétique Médicale de Strasbourg, as well as different administration routes of pharmacological therapy.


“Here at InFlectis, we are convinced that by connecting excellence of academia and industry, and building partnered teams, we will promote and speedup the development of innovative therapies”: said Philippe Guédat, CEO of InFlectis BioScience

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