New member | Inovalys

3 November 2020

Inovalys is a public laboratory which operates over a geographical area covering the Pays de la Loire, the Centre of the Val de Loire and part of Brittany (56) with 4 production sites: Nantes – Angers – Le Mans and Tours.

The laboratory operates mainly in the field of analysis but also for additional services (training – audits – samples – collections, etc.).

It has important R&D teams in the chemical and biology sectors. The Inovalys R&D departments work to meet the specific needs of the laboratory or for external clients (CIR approval of the GIP).

Inovalys performs nearly 5 million analyses each year on behalf of around 17,000 clients

in the field of animal health,  virology, immunoserology, molecular biology and bacteriology laboratories assuring the health monitoring of cattle, sheep, pigs and birds. They are also currently contributing a lot to PCR Covid screening with up to 4000 PCRs performed every day!

The laboratory’s activities in the food industry concern hygiene and food safety as well as chemistry and food chromatography for the search for contaminants (pesticides, drugs, heavy metals, hormones, allergens, etc.) and nutritional analyses in human and animal food.

In the environment, Inovalys is involved in the quality control of all types of water (drinking, surface, underground, waste,  hemodialysis, etc.), the search for micropollutants (pesticides, drugs, etc.), toxins and also in the monitoring of mud, sediment and indoor air analysis (benzene, formaldehyde, radon …).