New member | KetoM+ Medical Food

27 October 2020

KetoM+: Facilitate the access for therapeutic metabolic diets

KetoM+ develops a new generation of ketogenic products adapted to therapeutic diets. Ketogenic diets can be challenging to manage for some populations (paediatric and adults) because of the high fat low carb ratio. Many neurological disorders like epilepsy have no real effective treatment. Metabolic diets have powerful therapeutic potential when well done. KetoM+ brings the solution with medically adapted products elaborated with a pharmaceutical approach. KetoM+ high quality ingredients and the respect to the palatability of the products make them unique.

“It is a great opportunity for KetoM+ to join Atlanpole. To partner with well renowned specialists from the pole will provide the boost needed to develop.” said Sybille Kraft Bellamy – Founder.