New member | Oxy’Pharm

27 January 2021


The Oxy’Pharm group wishes to provide its expertise in the field of hygiene by meeting the versatility needs of healthcare professionals. Oxy’Pharm offers an efficient and eco-responsible solution to fight all infections and contaminations in healthcare facilities thanks to its product range NOCOTECH and SANIVAP. These two ranges are a unique combination of automated bio-disinfection of surfaces by dry diffusion and of bio-cleaning by steam.

The automated surface bio-disinfection treatment NOCOTECH, certified NF T72-281 and EN 17272, works thanks to a coupled system with a NOCOSPRAY device and a liquid product NOCOLYSE, with a full spectrum of efficacy: bactericide, fungicide, sporicide and virucide (including Coronavirus).

The treatments are biodegradable, have no impact on the electronic equipment and are safe for health.