OSE Immunotherapeutics Receives New European Patent Notice of Allowance for Tedopi®

11 October 2021

Further Strengthens Global Intellectual Property Portfolio for Tedopi® until 2038

OSE Immunotherapeutics announced today that it has received notice of allowance from the European Patent Office for a patent application related to Tedopi®, a neoepitope therapeutic vaccine, protecting a method for manufacturing a ready-to-use peptide emulsion for its use in the treatment of cancers in HLA-A2 positive patients. This patent will provide a protection until 2038.

This new patent notice of allowance granted in Europe reinforces the patent protection for Tedopi® and confirms an optimized industrial manufacturing process using a ready-to-use peptide emulsion.

Tedopi® has shown positive final results from the Atalante 1 Phase 3 study in non-small cell lung patients after secondary resistance to immune checkpoint inhibitors (presented at the 2021 ESMO (European Society for Medical Oncology) Congress). In parallel, additional Phase 2 clinical trials are on-going to continue developing Tedopi® in metastatic NSCLC after failure to first-line chemo-Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors (ICIs) and in other cancer indications in combination with ICIs or with chemotherapy. Such combinations will further reinforce the therapeutic value of Tedopi® in late-stage cancer indications

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