ProfileHIT develops a STOP-COVID19 research program’s

15 October 2020

As part of the R&D effort provided since March 2020 by biotech companies located in Nantes in order to fight COVID-19 pandemic, ProfileHIT is proud to present part of its STOP-COVID19 research program’s outcomes available on its site:

Its ambition is to be able to quickly find a support molecule for current and future therapies (vaccines, antibodies, peptides) while keeping its vascular glance on this disease.

The multiparametric approach developed within ProfileHIT allows us to screen clients’ libraries of molecules (<1000), quickly (2 weeks), by looking at more than 40 parameters in the fields of immunomodulation, coagulation, permeability and many more.

Specialized in the research and objectivation of new active compounds since 2018, ProfileHIT keeps on developing innovative programs from crude extracts, therapeutic proteins, chemical molecules and monoclonal antibodies.

The vascular system being at the interface between blood and organs, all molecules have an effect on this system, its understanding and perfect knowledge make it a major test for the success of tomorrow’s therapies.