VitamFero announces that Clean Cells has created a cell bank for its Toxo KO vaccine strain

23 March 2018

Following its recent industrial partnership signed with a world leader for animal health to develop its bovine neosporosis vaccine candidate, VitamFero, working with Clean Cells, has just successfully completed setting up and securing a master seed bank for its Toxo KO ovine toxoplasmosis vaccine strain.

VitamFero, a French veterinary biotech company specialized in creating and developing next-generation vaccines, is producing its vaccine candidates on Vero cells and is already able to capitalize on a master cell bank prepared and controlled under GMP conditions by Clean Cells.

Toxo KO, the live attenuated vaccine parasite strain aiming to protect lambs against congenital toxoplasmosis, is also the basis for other preventative treatments developed by VitamFero, including its multi-recombinant vaccines. These multi-recombinant vaccines are designed to prevent selected bacterial, viral or parasitic infections in livestock leading to major economic losses. Unlike the other live attenuated vaccines for veterinary use, this Toxo KO strain is currently the only one whose natural virulence has been attenuated by genetic editing. Such attenuation of virulence with a fully documented genetic signature eliminate the risk of restoration the virulence following environmental pressure.

The availability of a fully quality controlled master seed bank (MSB) for its Toxo KO strain allows VitamFero to continue developing its ovine toxoplasmosis vaccine (VFO-TX-02) in line with the operational schedule defined jointly with its Australian partner, Bioproperties.

For more information, please download the press release.