VitamFero files 3 new patent applications

28 September 2017

Moving forward with the development of its vaccine platform, and following the results achieved with its avian influenza vaccine candidate and its innate immunostimulant product for newborn chicks, three new patent applications have been submitted to protect these new live attenuated vaccine strains and their applications.

VitamFero, a French biotechnology company specializing in the development of a new generation of vaccines and immunotherapy products for veterinarian medicine, is announcing the filing of three new patent applications.

This represent a significant step forward for the Company’s development and will positively impact:

  • The development of its technological platform through the creation of new live attenuated strains of apicomplexans and their use as antigen vectors to prevent infectious diseases. This patent application is held jointly by VitamFero, France’s national institute for agricultural research (INRA) and François-Rabelais de Tours University;
  • The construction of new antigen vectors expressing several heterologous antigens derived from parasites, viruses or bacteria. This patent application, held exclusively by VitamFero, notably allows the company to develop its multivalent vaccine candidate for avian influenza;
  • The use of attenuated strains of parasites to prevent and treat infections in poultry providing an safe alternative to antibiotics. This patent application, held jointly by VitamFero, the national institute for agricultural research (INRA) and François-Rabelais Tours University, concerns the development of a neonatal immunostimulant.

With the Company looking to establish licensing out, co-development and distribution agreements with various industrial partners, these patent applications have further strengthened the Company’s intellectual property base, while also confirming the relevance of the prophylactic approach developed by VitamFero.

For more information, please download the press release.