#Coronavirus | Xenothera: phase 2A clinical trial is launched

29 September 2020

Since August, the POLYCOR trial has been officially launched in France. It will eventually bring together some thirty hospitals volunteering to participate, starting with the University Hospitals of Nantes, Angers, Saint-Antoine, Lyon and Bordeaux. To date, phase 2A has been launched, and several patients have already received treatment with XAV-19. The whole XENOTHERA team is obviously looking forward to confirm the interest of the treatment. More than a thousand doses are already available and will hopefully allow the treatment of patients with moderate COVID-19 pneumonia in the coming months.

The anti-COVID treatment developed by XENOTHERA is based on a unique and patented technology for the production of protective polyclonal antibodies similar to the natural human response. Intended for patients at the beginning of hospitalization, it aims to prevent the deterioration of the disease and in particular to avoid a transfer to intensive care.