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DOPHARMA France is a veterinary pharmaceutical company, installed in Vair-sur-Loire (France, 44) for more than 50 years. Through its historical expertise under the name of Coophavet, the company ensures today the conception, manufacture, control and distribution of veterinary pharmaceutical products for farming animals.
With a range of hundred specialties, approved in France by ANMV but also internationally for half of the activity, DOPHARMA offers to veterinary networks a therapeutic arsenal and complementary feed supplements suitable for healthy livestock, performing and respecting animal welfare.
Equipped with a modern GMP industrial site, DOPHARMA works with many molecules in various galenic forms: powder, liquid, intra-mammary paste, sterile injectable.
Dopharma field teams ensure the correct use of the group products and services, while contributing with R/D forces to the development of innovative animal health solutions for today and tomorrow, as recently with its autovaccines.

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Address: 23 Rue du Prieuré
Saint Herblon
BP 70089
44150 Vair-Sur-Loire