Parean Biotechnologies is an European expert of deep immune phenotyping, and multi-omics data analysis. With co-founders know-how, built in academic world and startups, Parean Biotechnologies offer an end-to-end biological analysis, from biological sample (human, animal, tissue or blood), to a full biostatistical analysis, thanks to a fully integrated platform. Our lab facilities are located in Saint-Malo, Bretagne, France.
As service provider, in research collaboration or in partnership on major research programs, Parean Biotechnologies partners with academic researchers, clinicians or pharmaceutical industry. We support biomarkers development in oncology, auto-immunes disease or infections.
Parean Biotechnologies can help at every step of a research program, either on biological sample, RNA or raw sequencing data.

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Address: 7 Allée Métis Parc Atalante
35400 Saint-Malo