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SalamanderU is a technology company made of a multidisciplinary team of business experts in life science industry, pharmaceutical engineering and IT.
These solutions are major levers for your operational performance needs
We accompany you by integrating tailor-made innovative solutions
1. On the one hand, Technic to support you need of containment, in particular with our acrylic resin isolator that encompasses all your equipment
2. On the other hand, Digital with our voice-driven eBR (SMARTREG), patented number 1 in the world and our Remote-control software (IP-Cprotect) including an eBR, EMS and data collect of the manufacturing process data.
3. Finally, the whole can be deployed in the form of an integrated unit
This accompaniment is carried out on the complete cycle of the project, from the definition of your need to the regulatory accreditation.

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