A fantastic edition of the Bioregate Forum 2018 in Nantes

27 March 2019

The International Forum for those involved in regenerative medicine took place on 12th-14th December in Nantes.
It was attended by 250 participants from 14 countries.

The feedback from participants is extremely positive. The scientific quality of presentations and the human scale of the event were very highly rated. This international event was organised by the University of Nantes (via Bioregate), Atlanpole Biotherapies and the very promising Nantes based start-up GoLiver Therapeutics.

This forum benefited from the support of 20 industrial sponsors.

The 2018 edition included high-level speakers from laboratories or prestigious companies in the following fields: stem cells, cell therapy, gene therapy, biomaterials and 3D bioprinting.

Reflections on this 3-day event:

  • An international morning session bringing together the main European and North American clusters, which are experts in regenerative medicine. The programme included a presentation of projects and opportunities for projects on a European level, as well as a presentation of the key ecosystems of Atlanpole Biotherapies’ and Bioregate’s partners. This discussion session may have been the first step in new cooperations between clusters that are experts in Regenerative Medicine. Talks from internationally-recognised industrial and academic experts ·
  • Poster sessions and pitches by young researchers, and the awarding of two prizes by HTL Biotechnology and GoLiver Therapeutics
  • A dedicated exhibition space for industrial sponsors, including companies from the cluster: Clean Cells, Atlantic Bone Screen, HTL Biotechnology, Biomatlante, Hemarina, Horama, The Marketech Group and the network of West Biotherapy platforms.
  • A half-day of One2one meetings: with a total of more than 120 meetings scheduled. This was a new session for this 2018 edition and created added business value for the event.
  • Networking sessions and the Gala dinner at the Nantilus.

Bioregate Forum 2018 provided an excellent opportunity for the key innovative players in regenerative medicine to meet up.

This edition fulfilled all its promises! A 3rd edition is planned for 2020, in a European country that is a partner of Bioregate.

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Takanori Takebe, CUSTOM, USA (invited speaker):

“Congratulations on the great success for Bioregate 2018 meeting! I truly enjoyed the Bioregate meeting 2018 and amazed by extremely active discussion among the bioengineer and stem cell scientists. Social gathering including terrific food was fantastic as well! Cincinnati Children’s initiated the Center for Stem Cell and Organoid Medicine (CuSTOM, and aimed to enhance the international collaborative activities. With this in mind, we’re looking forward to interacting friends at Bioregate very much!”

Ross Macdonald, Cynata Therapeutics, Australia (invited speaker):

“I found the 2018 Bioregate Forum an excellent opportunity to gain a better understanding of the many interesting programs being undertaken in a broad range of regenerative medicine fields in Europe.  The agenda focused not just on cell & gene therapy and stem cell biology and therapeutic applications, but also on the complementary areas of biomaterials and tissue engineering.  I look forward to staying in touch with many of the participants.”

Kimberly Homan, Wyss Institute, Harvard, USA (invited speaker):

“Bioregate 2018 provided a great forum to meet people across Europe and beyond undertaking important studies in cell engineering, bioprinting, and biomaterials aimed at regenerative medicine applications. I look forward to future meetings.”

The figures for the BIOREGATE FORUM 2018 in NANTES

250 participants (academic and private) including 15% from outside France.

14 countries represented
[USA, Canada, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, UK, France, Ireland, Denmark, Australia, Czech Republic, and Sweden]

20 sponsors, including 13 exhibitors

123 meetings

100 participants at the Gala Dinner