Atlanpole Biotherapies gathered its members together on 28th February for its General Meeting

27 March 2019

150 people were in attendance at the cluster’s “assessment and goals” day:

The outlook as far as 2022 with partners from Phase IV of competitiveness clusters was talked about during a panel discussion bringing together Franck Grimaud, President of Atlanpole Biotherapies, Gérard Le Bihan, Director of Images & Réseaux, Jean-Luc Perrot, Director of Valorial, Anne-Charlotte Pupin, Director of the Nutrition Santé Longévité cluster and Emmanuel Lebouder, Project Director for Eurobiomed

A number of macro-economic illustrations were presented to bring the day to an end:

  • The Panorama France HealthTech 2018: trends within the sector and an overview of developments since 2008 by Maryvonne Hiance, Chairman of France Biotech and Vice-President of Atlanpole Biotherapies, who explained that “The panorama from France Biotech reveals the following findings: 1,000 products developed by all French biotech companies and 283 developed by the 5 French pharmaceutical industries. 20% are produced in Western France”.
  • Funding in France and internationally by Willy Rocher (partner at EY Nantes)
  • Funding from stock markets by Frédéric Boiffin (Head of the West Region, Euronext)
  • Presentation of the France Biotech Technology Transfer survey by Franck Mouthon (Vice Chairman, France Biotech)

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