New member | Therenva

27 March 2019

Therenva SAS, based in Rennes, designs, develops and markets innovative software solutions for planning and navigating endovascular procedures based on image processing and augmented reality technologies.

EndoSize®, the main software marketed by Therenva and the market-leading medical device for planning endovascular procedures, is used worldwide by clinicians and industrial partners to optimise the choice of endovascular implants for more than 50,000 patients a year.
Based on the image data from patients’ scans, EndoSize specifically allows surgeons to choose the appropriate strategy and implantable devices for patients. Therenva has added EndoNaut, an intra-operative 3D navigation system, which safeguards the deployment of endovascular implants with the aid of patented image registration processes, to its range.

EndoSize and EndoNaut are medical devices that have obtained approvals (in particular CE, FDA 510(k) marking) allowing them to be used in Europe and the United States, as well as in Japan and China (for EndoSize).

At present, the applications developed by Therenva are essentially intended for vascular surgeons or cardiologists performing procedures on the aorta and lower limbs.
Therenva is now seeking to expand the community of users of its products to include vascular interventional radiologists, by specifically developing new applications for interventional oncology, such as the radioembolisation of hepatic arteries.

Therenva joined the cluster in 2018 within the framework of the organisation and approval of a collaborative R&D project proposed for the call for projects entitled, “Collaborative innovation at the intersection between sectors in Brittany”, relating precisely to the applications for its solutions within oncology. By joining the cluster, Therenva also hopes to expand its possibilities for collaboration.