A New member: Gammeo

2 December 2015

gammeo-200x200Gammeo enables the monitoring of all property issues related to a health facility through a simple and intuitive web interface. Gammeo has joined Atlanpole Biotherapies cluster as a supporting company.


Created in 2013, Gammeo offers an innovative approach to health facilities regarding the world of GMAO (Computerized Maintenance Management System-CMMS). Indeed, Gammeo web application is able to list all regulatory maintenance tasks by simply setting out the assets of the facillity. In practice, you just have to tell Gammeo that fire extinguishers are installed for the application to deliver in return the list of regulatory maintenance tasks to be applied to them. If regulations change, Gammeo updates without user intervention.

In addition to the CMMS functions, Gammeo provides for the management of the following:

  • the sanitary booklet
  • security logbook
  • contracts and providers
  • remedial actions
  • technical staff schedule
  • operating documentation
  • emergency numbers


Gammeo is an all-in-one comprehensive application for managing the technical part of a health facility. By joining Atlanpole Biotherapy, Gammeo hopes to consolidate its innovative dimension and to gain access to a network of business contributors in health.


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