ABYS® MEDICAL winner of the i-Nov innovation competition

19 October 2022

After being elected winner of the i-Lab 2019 edition, the company Abys® Medical, based in La Rochelle (France), is now the winner of wave 9 of the i-Nov 2022 competition. Through its “Judet 4.0” project, accredited by Medicen Paris Région, Abys® Medical has been awarded funding of more than €2 million to revolutionize surgical management of bone trauma.

What is the i-Nov competition?

The i-Nov innovation competition is a support system designed to select innovation projects with particularly strong potential for the French economy. Financed by the French government through the Programme d’Investissements d’Avenir (PIA), i-Nov is operated by Ademe and Bpifrance and allows the co-financing of research, development, and innovation projects with a total cost between €600,000 and €5 million.

The project carried out by Abys® Medical has been financed by the French government via the France 2030 investment plan and by the European Union – Next Generation EU within the framework of the France Relance plan.

Judet 4.0, a Medtech project

The “Judet 4.0” project, named after the brothers Jean and Robert Judet, founding fathers of modern orthopedic and trauma surgery, focuses on the development of a preoperative surgical planning platform for the complete, automated, and personalized modeling of the surgical strategy of patients suffering from complex fractures, particularly of the pelvis.

Based on a unique and patented collaborative web architecture, the solution developed by Abys® Medical will integrate the entire cycle of a surgical procedure to treat complex fractures. From the
visualization and automated 3D analysis of patient’s digital twin to the intelligent surgical decision support for the diagnosis of the fracture and the proposal of personalized and automated osteosynthesis treatment.

This is the birth of a new galaxy within the Surgiverse® solution marketed by the company in veterinary surgery and very soon in human surgery, driven by the vision of a real “game changer”.

Accelerate the implementation of a strong technological breakthrough

The “Judet 4.0” project will create up to 20 direct jobs and a strong IP activity. This award will allow Abys® Medical to significantly accelerate and consolidate the development phase of its project with a view to European and American certification in 2024.

With a view to marketing its project, the company has developed strong partnerships in France, notably with the French healthcare ecosystem (Assistance Public-Hôpitaux de Paris, Service de Santé des Armées, Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Nice), and internationally, such as in Canada, where Abys® Medical has a subsidiary (Montreal).

Arnaud Destainville, co-founder and president of Abys® Medical:

“The development of innovation in surgery is a long and high-risk path that requires strong resilience from teams and partners. Staking out the development of companies through strong support from public partners has two immediate impacts: project credibility and recognition. The people involved in this daily dynamic see their work highly valued within the national and international community. We must be fully aware of the incredible opportunity we have to have access to funding at the French and European levels.”