BioMAdvanced Diagnostics raises €1,7 million

27 September 2022

The investment to be used to develop its diagnostics solutions and contribute to improving the life of patients having received a kidney or lung transplant.

BioMAdvanced Diagnostics, announces a fundraising of 1.7 million euros. The fundraising will allow BioMAdvanced Diagnostics to finalise the design of its first products and to start two clinical studies, one on the rejection of kidney transplants and the other on the lung.

The clinical study relating to the kidney rejection test will be carried out in partnership with the University Hospital of Nantes, the University Hospital of Oslo and the University Hospital of Barcelona with 300 transplanted patients and will allow the application for CE marking for a on-the-market expected in 2025.

Kidney transplantation represents about two thirds of transplants performed and the organs most often transplanted are the kidney, liver, heart and lungs. In 2021, more than 5,000 transplants took place in France. The number of transplants increases every year and France has set itself the goal of performing between 6,760 and 8,530 transplants by 2026, i.e. 40% more than today.

“Kidney transplants are on the increase all over the world and it is for kidney transplant recipients that we are going to develop our first product. Our objectives are to market it in 12 countries from 2026 to benefit 70 to 80% of patients. We have planned a second round of financing in 2024 to finalize the clinical studies and prepare our commercial presence in these 12 countries, and probably open a subsidiary in the United States.” says Frédéric Pette, co-founder and CEO of BioMAdvanced Diagnostics.

“BioMAdvanced Diagnostics has all the assets to become a key player in the service of personalized health for kidney and lung transplant recipients. We were seduced by the clarity of the leaders’ vision and are very happy to support the team in this project that is so decisive for public health.” adds Valérie Allain-Dupré, Director of Investments at Sodero Gestion.

The fundraising is led by Sodero Gestion, capital-investor of the West part of France on behalf of Pays de la Loire Development. Pays de la Loire Participations, Atlantique Vendée Innovation (Crédit Agricole Atlantique Vendée investment fund), SATT Ouest Valorisation and Bpifrance, notably via the French Tech Seed fund, also took part in the round table.

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