Boost4Health an international passport

3 December 2019

The European Boost4Health project was set up by Atlanpole Biotherapies in the Pays de la Loire and Centre Val de Loire regions in 2016.

This programme for SMEs provides access to services and a network of experts and partners in a number of European countries and regions (Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Belgium and Spain).

Several dozen of the cluster’s companies have benefited from this international support (events, matchmaking, training) as well as a voucher system.


“The Boost4Health project allowed us to refine our understanding of the Belgian pharmaceutical market, by providing us with information on its structure and functioning. The team that led this project also carried out a survey of competitors in a number of Belgian pharmacies, in our segments of interest, and compiled a list of potential partners for our structure in Belgium.” Julien Menez, YSLAB | Design and development of healthcare products originating from marine biotechnology


“We identified one of our current partners, DIAPath, thanks to Boost4Health’s sourcing. Affilogic also benefited from financial support enabling us to meet this Belgian company, with its Molecular Imaging Centre. This partnership is allowing us to go further in our analyses and to run a more effective business.” Nadège Prel, AFFILOGIC | Exploration and development of Nanofitines® as biotherapies. Read more about this sucess story


The vouchers offered in 10 other European regions were a good incentive for foreign companies to come to our three regions and acquire a service here. One such company is HemoClear from the Netherlands which decided to work with EFS in Nantes.

“We just received the results of a HemoClear study performed by EFS. The report confirms that over 99.9% of red blood cells remain well-preserved during, and up to seven days after filtration by HemoClear. Again data that empowers the use of the HemoClear filter to prepare patients’ own blood for re-infusion in cases of blood loss, for example in cardiac surgery, child birth, and trauma. Thank you Dr Anne-Gaele Chartois, the rest of the EFS Nantes team and Rik Luimes from Boost4Health for your contributions!” 

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