CELIS Challenges? Are you up to it?

23 April 2021

In the framework of our European project CE4BIG, we have developed a collaboration with the European project CELIS, which is a project working on the internationalisation of SMEs in the life science sector. CELIS has partners from Germany, Belgium, Denmark and Estonia, and is the other ESCP COSME project focused on health innovation. We hope to build ClusterXchanges between our members over the coming months. As a starting point, we are sharing the CELIS challenge – the aim of which is for companies from our region to build up collaborations with companies from the CELIS regions through providing a ‘solution’ to the ‘challenges’ identified. Further collaborations between our 2 projects are planned for later in the year, including an event on European funding for SMEs (information session and coaching) planned for June 2021.

In order to facilitate (international) SME interaction with academia and other SMEs, BioRN is launching a “Call for Solutions” to the 5 Challenges selected from SMEs in the Rhine-Neckar Region (see attachment). Are you up to


If your technology, platform, or process could solve one of these Challenges, submit your solution until 21 May (4 june now) to partner with them during the CELISXchange WEEK (save-the-date: 28 June- 2 July 2021).

The Process:

  1. Call for Challenges – completed
  2. Selection of CELIS Challenges – completed
  3. Call for solutions – Accept the CELIS Challenge and apply with your solution!
  4. Partnering – If your solution is fitting, you can then meet the SME proposing the Challenge, in one-on-one meetings, during the CELISXchange WEEK (28 June- 2 July 2021).

The Guidelines:

Your solution has to solve one of the selected Challenges. Explain your solution as concisely as possible (non-confidential), by using the simple template attached. Please send your solution informally by email until 21. May 2021 (4 june 2021 now)to Friedemann Loos .

You can also discuss your solution with us before submission:

About CELIS project

CELIS combine some of the world-class life science ecosystems in Europe, where cross-sectoral fertilisation has given rise to promising new technologies and products, resulting in new value chains. The project builds on the existing Health Axis Europe Alliance, with the aim to professionalise and expand this inter-regional cooperation and increase its impact, especially for SMEs among their members.