4 March 2020


GRAFTYS SA (“Graftys”), a global leader in resorbable bone cements, today announces a new distribution agreement for its bestselling product Graftys® QuickSet in the US territory.

Responding to a medical need and to a direct request from orthopedic surgeons, Graftys® QuickSet, a new generation macroporous calcium phosphate cement which will be distributed in the USA under the tradename QuickPack™ by OrthoPediatrics Corp. (“OrthoPediatrics”), displays an optimal natural cellular resorption/substitution cycle by providing a calcium deficient apatite matrix structurally and chemically similar to native bone crystals, a full range of micro- and macropores (facilitating fluid exchanges and cells colonization) and a compressive strength in the range of cancellous bone. Further, Graftys® QuickSet / QuickPack™ is delivered in a closed loop double-compartment syringe specifically designed for safety, reproducibility and ease-of-use: with Graftys® QuickSet / QuickPack™, there is no need of a complex preparation toolbox, no risk of preparation mistake and no product loss.-

Enrico Bastianelli, Chief Executive Officer of Graftys, highlighted, “By choosing us, OrthoPediatrics offers to our products a wider and focused access to the US territory. This new partnership reinforces our desire to continue to respond to the clinical issues faced daily by orthopedic surgeons.”


About Graftys

Graftys is an innovation-driven medtech company committed to the development and manufacturing of synthetic bone biomaterials. Graftys’ products are registered in more than 25 countries worldwide, including Europe, USA, and South America. Graftys’ mission is to become a major player in the design, manufacturing & distribution of bone biomaterials, thanks to a solid  portfolio of products built on clinical evidence and addressing patient’s/surgeon’s medical needs, and thanks to an innovation-driven pipeline through partnerships with leading academic research institutions in Europe.